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What Really Matters to Drivers in 2020?


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Learn what's important to drivers on the front line.

You already know this, but recruiting qualified drivers can be a tough job. With so much of the country working from home, the role of a recruiter can feel tougher without having that in-person connection with new candidates. The data backs up that fact too, with a recent report by FATj finding that 50.8% of recruiters in transportation find their job to be more difficult than it was earlier this year.


We surveyed hundreds of drivers across the country to bring their feedback right to you. We want to bring that connection back, so we asked drivers what parts of a job or company motivates them to click apply.

Some of the feedback we will be covering include:

  • The best methods for recruiters to attract and communicate with new applicants.
  • What challenges drivers are facing from new industry regulation and safety protocols.
  • How trucking companies can help improve the lives of their drivers before and after they are onboarded.


Enjoy a presentation from FATj’s Director of Client Engagement, Amanda Fasano, and Tenstreet’s Client Success Concierge, Ed Leader, as they review key insights from the survey from their experience working with thousands of customers across the country.

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About Our Speakers

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Amanda Fasano

Director of Client Engagement, FATj.com

As Director of Client Engagement, Amanda oversees the growth and efficiency of customer advertising campaigns. Amanda has worked with hundreds of companies in the transportation and logistics industry while working with FATj.com, helping them create and maintain effective driver recruitment campaigns. Amanda's previous experience in the transportation industry includes Operations and Sales for an oil logistics firm. She has a proven track record of providing exceptional customer service, modernizing recruitment departments' processes, and creating impactful messages to help companies differentiate themselves in the recruitment advertising world.



Ed Leader

Client Success Concierge, Tenstreet

Ed joined Tenstreet in early 2020 and brings over 20 years of experience in the driver recruitment advertising space. He currently is a member of our Client Success Team and works exclusively with current Tenstreet clients in our Concierge Service, which helps clients manage their driver recruitment budget through our Job Store platform.

Previously, Ed was Vice President and Publisher of the Trucker News Group, where he was Publisher of The Trucker News Paper and Truckload Authority, the official publication of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). 

Ed was also responsible for building out TMP’s digital recruiting solutions and has experience building and selling digital advertising solutions in the auto dealer space.