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Unique ad reach

Find qualified candidates in places you haven’t looked for them before

FATj understands transportation and logistics companies need more than one type of driver. Even with a constant need for qualified candidates in these industries, your team shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best candidates for your open positions. We provide you with new candidates whom you’ve never heard from through traditional recruitment methods.

Receive interested and direct leads

Stop hearing from candidates who didn’t apply for your job, and ditch the old ways of using a database of leads who don’t pick up the phone. We enable your team to start connecting with active candidates who are interested in your open position.


Start posting where your candidates are looking

There are thousands of sites your ideal candidates can go to to look for a job. FATj has a team of experts that find those sites and continuously optimize your campaign to make sure you are getting the inbound leads you need.


Expand your reach to new platforms

While job boards are still a top tier place to find active candidates, social media has proven to be one of the best lead sources in the industry. Our team can run your campaigns on social platforms like Facebook, to reach new candidates that you haven’t heard from before.



A pain free way to post on Craigslist

Our fully-managed job posting service allows you to effortlessly post anywhere on Craigslist. Post confirmation and analytic reporting come standard so you can trust your jobs post at the optimal times with the comfort of knowing our team is focused on the long-term success of your campaigns.


Find qualified drivers.

Get more vehicles on the road.

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