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Source More Drivers

Grow your roster faster and increase advertising ROI with highly targeted recruitment campaigns.

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“From the top-notch customer service to their unique CDL driver recruitment platform, this is a staple to all recruitment efforts.”



How FATj sources you more drivers:

Source new leads with a variety of unique distribution channels

We deploy a custom online job distribution strategy to increase a customer’s online presence by leveraging name brand aggregator channels and high traffic job boards. We work to ensure that your jobs find candidates, not the other way around.



Hone in on your audience with precise geo-targeting campaigns

Promote your campaign to future prospects with image and text advertisements focused on their city, state, or zip. Specify where you need to find more candidates, and our team zeroes in on your exact target audience.



Reach candidates on emerging recruitment platforms, like social media

Drivers today are spending more time on social media than any other sites online. With FATj, you can utilize platforms such as Facebook to drive awareness and applications for your jobs to candidates.


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Attract passive candidates who didn’t even know they wanted to drive with you

The best candidates may not be actively hunting for jobs. We attract passive candidates to your open positions by using email alerts, partner network notifications, and social media campaigns.


Remove the headache that comes with postings jobs on Craigslist

Automatically post jobs and receive analytic reporting on Craigslist. You can trust your jobs post at the optimal times, with the comfort of knowing our team is focused on the long-term success of your campaigns.


Partner with a team to accomplish every business goal and drive your strategy

Imagine a partner who helps you optimize job descriptions, pick out images, and manage your campaign budget. With every FATj campaign comes a group of advisors to help you accomplish your goals and grow your business.


Receive the candidates you need, when you need them



Adjust your campaign budget on the fly

Need to hire more than you were planning? Our team is ready to maximize your spend to get the results you need.


Update campaigns with new positions

Looking for specialized candidates? Our team will quickly adapt and shift your campaign to the right audience.


Continue to see conversion rates rise

Our dynamic platform manages spend in real time, delivering the results you need to fill open positions.

How much does driver turnover cost you?

$70K to $2M per year - depending on the size of your fleet, that's the range idle equipment can cost your company. So now more than ever, it is vital to keep trucks rolling with the right drivers. This includes administration costs and productivity losses. We understand that the driver shortage makes this reality too common for companies in transportation, which is why our mission is to provide the best ROI in recruitment sourcing in the industry. And how do we accomplish this?


We stop this problem in its tracks by providing the highest quality dynamic advertising campaigns.


Recruitment advertising doesn't start at the budget, but where you are going to look to hire your drivers. We know that no two markets are exactly the same. Every region across the country has a varying need, and the driver pool you need to tap into looks in different places across the internet for their next job. That's why our time-tested recruitment advertising platform continues to impress and generate candidates, for customers of all sizes across the country.

FATj is the highest performing recruitment platform in the transportation industry

Used by over 1,000 companies nationwide
“Great service. I really like the way FAT gets me the applicants as they complete the quick and easy application.”
Midwest Logistics Systems
“FATj is a perfect way to generate a good number of leads, and it doesn’t involve any maintenance because they take care of it for you.”
Paul Miller Trucking
“No matter what other solutions were in the mix, FATj.com kept coming up number one in terms of results.”
Midnite Express

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