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Engage With Drivers

Speak to more candidates who genuinely want to drive for your business.

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“Lead quality is the best time-saver. Spending hours upon hours on cold calls to dead leads is the biggest time consumption for me. With this service, I can spend more time on retention and culture-building!”



How FATj engages you with more drivers:

Reach out and engage with candidates through SMS, calls and emails

Communicating with candidates in the right channel is what separates a good campaign from a great one. The Recruiter Portal enables you to use quickly connect with new candidates using text messaging, calling or emailing.


Understand your campaign’s performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Stay on top of every candidate that comes in your door, without opening a single spreadsheet. Using the Recruiter Portal, you’ll have constant access to all candidates that come in through your advertising campaigns.



Manage and track your new applicants, all in one place

Organize incoming candidates at every point in your recruitment process. From application to hire, sort through new applicants and keep notes on which candidates will be make the best addition to your team.


Manage and track applicants

Don’t change your current process, keep doing what works

Already using an ATS? No problem. FATj integrates with partners like Tenstreet, TruckRight, and DriverReach so your existing process doesn’t have to change.


There’s more you can do with FATj than just hiring drivers



It’s an anti-ghosting platform

With Quick Actions in the Recruiter Portal, you can reach out to non-responsive candidates without a sweat.


Schedule interviews with candidates faster

Have deadlines coming up? Use SMS or emails to set up meeting times with new candidates without skipping a beat.


Reduce your time-to-hire ratio

Keep candidates engaged and answer every question with easy note-tracking and candidate communication.

95% of recruiters say they have experienced candidate ghosting

Every candidate that ghosts your company is money lost. The time, effort, and money that goes into generating applications for open position all goes to waste if a candidate stops answers your calls or texts.

We have the solution.

Omni-channel recruitment enables a recruitment team of one to perform like a team of 20. Using communication methods like SMS messaging, phone calls, and emails engage candidates at every stage of the hiring process. In some cases, as many as 50% of candidates a company receives will end up ghosting the recruiter, and we want to stop it.
The tools offered through the Recruiter Portal make it easy and seamless to transform a list of leads into a list of hires.

FATj is the highest performing recruitment platform in the transportation industry

Used by over 1,000 companies nationwide
“Great service. I really like the way FAT gets me the applicants as they complete the quick and easy application.”
Midwest Logistics Systems
“FATj is a perfect way to generate a good number of leads, and it doesn’t involve any maintenance because they take care of it for you.”
Paul Miller Trucking
“No matter what other solutions were in the mix, FATj.com kept coming up number one in terms of results.”
Midnite Express

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