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"Every single person that I've called from FATj actually answers and already knows about the company."




How FATj connects you with more drivers:

Utilize a full team of transportation masterminds to build your campaign

You can tell your Client Engagement Representative what your goals are, and we will help you achieve them. From optimizing job descriptions to monitoring campaign budget, our strategy generates the conversions you need.



Make it easy for candidates to apply for your jobs, from every device

Over 84% of all applications are submitted from a mobile device. Our mobile-optimized short forms enable and encourage candidates to apply for your job wherever they start their job search.



Choose questions for your short forms that will generate qualified candidates

Our customizable short-form applications increase the volume of candidates your advertised positions receive. Your team can choose specific knockout questions to help filter out any unwanted applications.



Tailor your brand’s personality and values for every position

We believe that being unique is the most important factor in capturing a candidate’s interest. When you use FATj, we join your team and make sure candidates understand your company and know your name before they click apply.


Reach over 2.8 million drivers across the United States

Our expansive distribution network enables your business to get in front of candidates, wherever they are. If the qualified candidate you need is online, we know how to connect you with them.


You’ll also really like that you’ll be able to…



Drive more visitors to your website

Want leads to go to your website after they apply? No problem. Your short-form can direct to any URL you choose.


Increase long application conversions

Drive leads to complete your long application after they submit a short form for your advertised position.


Generate more views on other media

Have a video that you’d like to pair with your job description? We can embed any .mp4 or YouTube video on your landing page.

Only 18% of companies say their job postings are optimized for mobile devices

You are losing fresh and easy applications to your open position. According to a Glassdoor survey, 74% of truck drivers search for their next job on a mobile device. So with all of the work you put into writing the job description and advertising the position, there is a good chance the most important variable for converting applications is being overlooked.

Your application is probably not optimized for a mobile device.

At FATj we see 84% of our short forms coming in through mobile devices. This boosts the applicant volume our customers receive and helps recruiters get in touch with the younger drivers they are looking for.

That’s because we know making the application process seamless on every device is crucial to generating the leads and hires you need. Whether you’re posting jobs in a highly competitive market or advertising a specialized position, the first step to making the hires you need is making sure your applications are optimized for a mobile audience.

FATj is the highest performing recruitment platform in the transportation industry

Used by over 1,000 companies nationwide
“Great service. I really like the way FAT gets me the applicants as they complete the quick and easy application.”
Midwest Logistics Systems
“FATj is a perfect way to generate a good number of leads, and it doesn’t involve any maintenance because they take care of it for you.”
Paul Miller Trucking
“No matter what other solutions were in the mix, FATj.com kept coming up number one in terms of results.”
Midnite Express

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