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Start using a data-driven recruitment strategy

Improve your hiring efficiency while growing your business and hitting goals.


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“From the top-notch customer service to their unique CDL driver recruitment platform, this is a staple to all recruitment efforts.”
– Bolus Freight Systems

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A modern recruitment and retention strategy starts here

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Active & Dynamic Campaign Management

With the competitive transportation market, recruiters need an edge to stay in front of the best candidates.

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Direct Recruitment Services

Poor conversations with candidates waste valuable time. Our team replaces those conversations with interested and qualified leads.

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Custom Technology Services

Every recruitment process has its quirks, and we deliver solutions that adapt to your needs. Our team lives, breathes, and transforms HR technology.

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Financial Wellness & Employee Retention

Life doesn’t wait two weeks.
Your company can provide unique cash flow options for employees that make your business stand out.


Frequently Asked Questions


pink-number-bullets-22Our company has a recruitment team. Does FATj replace them?

NO! FATj does not replace your current recruitment team. Our services are designed to make your single hiring manager or entire recruitment department more efficient and accomplish every hiring goal.


pink-number-bullets-23What if we want to use one FATj solution and not all four?

That sounds great to us! We only have to provide value where your team needs help. But the great part about Recruit360 platform is that it’s super easy to leverage other solutions as your strategy may change.


pink-number-bullets-24We work across multiple states and regions. Can your team adapt?

YES! Our years of historical data makes our team superstars at uncovering your audience, regardless of where you need to hire.


pink-number-bullets-25My schedule is always busy, how much time does it take to get a campaign live?

Once we understand your hiring needs, we get to work on building out your campaign. Every market and situation is different, but your hiring targets are our top priority for each campaign.


pink-number-bullets-26Okay, this all sounds great, but how much does this cost?

We thought you’d ask that, and to be honest, it depends! Every candidate is different, and every market has its quirks. We give you multiple budget options to choose from after our take-in call, so you can choose what fit’s your hiring strategy best.


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