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FATj’s Recruit360 Platform provides a suite of powerful solutions to help your team attract, enable, and retain the best talent.


A modern recruitment and retention strategy starts here

The Recruit360 Platform has everything your organization needs to transform and revitalize your talent processing strategy.

Active & Dynamic Campaign Management

With the competitive transportation market, recruiters need an edge to stay in front of the best candidates.


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Financial Wellness & Employee Retention

Life doesn’t wait two weeks. Your company can provide unique cash flow options for employees that make your business stand out.


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Custom Technical Services

Every recruitment process has its quirks, and we deliver solutions that adapt to your needs. Our team lives, breathes, and transforms HR recruitment technology.


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Build an industry-leading workforce with adaptable recruitment solutions

Our unique platform is built with customization and data at its core to help you reshape your business.

checkmark-07Reach new candidates on high converting advertising channels.


checkmark-07Stop receiving uninterested and out of market applications.


checkmark-07Convert more leads to hires with consistent messaging and a seamless apply process.


checkmark-07Use data from market trends to adapt strategies and exceed expectations.


checkmark-07Encourage employees to stay on board and refer colleagues with unique company benefits.


checkmark-07Optimize Human Resources processes and workflows with technical solutions that meet your goals.




We work with industry-leading applicant tracking systems, including…








Bolus Freight Systems

“From the top-notch customer service to their unique CDL driver recruitment platform, this is a staple to all recruitment efforts.”


Escot Bus Lines

“FATj.com streamlined the whole hiring process, we can call within minutes and make a change."


Paul Miller Trucking

“FATj is a perfect way to generate a good number of leads, and it doesn’t involve any maintenance because they take care of it for you."

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