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You've probably heard plenty about how much your hiring campaigns can impact your recruitment success rates. In the trucking industry, this is especially true. Since many industry leaders are constantly looking for top talent, it's important to be able to compete for qualified candidates. Of course, you need to have a smart way to source those candidates first.

That's why you should not rely strictly on static campaigns and expect high recruitment performance. Brands that utilize dynamic campaigns and adjust to the needs of their candidates are the ones that find the right talent for any job opening. To get started within your own brand, here's what you need to know.

Active campaigns help you personalize applicant communication.

When you're looking for a local delivery driver or an OTR CDL truck driver, you naturally want to provide a useful applicant experience, from the job ad all the way to the final interview and background check. However, many brands listing truck driver jobs tend to neglect communication between recruiters and jobseekers. Though using a template can help you find applicants that maintain relevance to your truck driver jobs, static campaigns don't allow for personalized communication that attracts qualified truck drivers. Active campaigns help you spot what job titles, job posts, and keywords perform well with truck drivers and adjust your communications to fit their search terms and query phrases.

This allows you to tailor the way you approach your truck driver jobs and attract more qualified truck drivers that are likely to pick you out of a combination of employer bids. Whether you're looking for a company driver or delivery driver, your marketing messages need to be tailored to each candidate. This provides an excellent first impression of your company professionally, no matter the job type. Since the United States transportation industry shifts regularly, you must draw the right tractor-trailer truck drivers to your business, especially as COVID-19 continues to impact the transportation system industry.

Dynamic campaigns allow you to improve your branding.

When you work with many static job campaigns, it can be difficult to attract a quality delivery driver or truck driver. This can also increase the likelihood of turnover within the first year of employment. Often, this happens when a trucking company doesn't develop an effective sense of branding within their job campaigns. Static campaigns often don't allow for this flexibility and don't create a strong impression upon job applicants. When you need an experienced driver, an OTR pro with veteran status, or a CDL truck driver, a lack of dynamic, branded application, hiring, and onboarding materials can hurt.

A sense of branding and integrity is critical, and active campaigns can help. Many job seekers prioritize brands with a good reputation, including OTR drivers, CDL truck drivers, and other local truck drivers. An active campaign makes it easier to narrow down common threads between your branding and the quality of job applicants. You can then use this information to sort through job applicants, tweak occupation ads, and rethink listed qualifications for certain positions. While a CDL truck driver may only need a high school diploma and the appropriate CDL license, you may have stronger education requirements for other positions.

You can also get job seekers to associate your trucking company with quality benefits like high amounts of weekly home time, quick haul jobs, and growth opportunities like hazmat endorsement or other bonuses. When you use your campaigns to find what about your trucking company job seekers respond to, it's that much easier to bring in full-time employees who can help your business get to its destination.

Active campaigns help you parse resume details.

Often, the recruitment process is bogged down by common maintenance items that include manually reviewing qualifications and pre-interview questionnaires. This requires a fair amount of time and resources and means that your recruiting team is liable to sift through local truck drivers that don't meet your current needs. However, an active campaign automates aspects of this process, which enables you to bring in truck driving pros that match up with your brand standards. For any CDL job, dry van haul, or local truck delivery position, this can impact your bottom line.

With a dynamic campaign, you're better equipped to streamline certain aspects of your hiring process. This can even help improve your job training which is incredibly beneficial to your brand. With how difficult it can be to find qualified leads, your hiring team only views relevant candidates for any open truck driver jobs. That way, you're able to focus more of your attention on your business's other pressing needs. These often include growth and development, which then allows for expansion and necessitates future hiring. Such is the expansion process.

Since business growth often seems cyclical, you must establish hiring protocols that attract top talent every time. When unqualified candidates flood the system, it's that much more difficult for your recruiters to sift through the piles of resumes to find the ones that match up to your needs. This can also prolong the hiring process for a CDL driver, which negatively impacts your company. Instead, use active and dynamic campaigns that allow you to adjust your hiring tactics to fit current CDL driver queries and parameters. It benefits both you and the CDL driver over time.

The right partnerships can make a major difference.

Some brands simply aren't well-equipped to run active and dynamic hiring campaigns for their truck driver jobs. Instead of spending hours poring over the SimplyHired privacy policy or Indeed's terms, you can use sites and services that make it easier for you to connect with the right candidates. When you're focused on growth, you need to handle the larger items like trip inspections and federal law adjustments. With the right transportation jobs tools, it's easier than ever to run active campaigns that help you find the most qualified CDL, OTR, and local truck drivers.

Connor Zazzo

Written by Connor Zazzo

Connor is the Marketing Manager for FATj.com, focused on providing valuable insights to help drive forward the hiring efforts of recruitment teams across the country. Interested in reaching out to Connor to learn more about FATj.com? Connect with him on LinkedIn!