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Team Driving: How to Ease Safety Concerns

By Sabrina Stampe on Mar 30, 2022 4:45:48 PM

Our last two blog posts have broken down best practices for job ads and what drivers are looking for in the market. However, what causes a driver to be hesitant about a certain position? This week we focus on the difficulty of hiring team drivers.

Are you wondering why it has been such a struggle to get candidates for these types of positions despite the higher pay? We've got answers.


Think about it, would you want to sleep while a stranger is driving you along your route? What type of person are they? Do they get tired easily while driving? What is their driving history? Do they get road rage? How do they handle poor weather conditions? 

When a driver hits the road, they are confident in their ability to handle the obstacles the route might bring. However, asking someone to confidently say the same for someone they just met can be difficult. 


We surveyed a large pool of drivers and asked them what was the biggest hesitation in applying for a teams position. The number one answer was safety. 

Yes, increasing pay and benefits will help gain interest. However, not every driver can move past their fears. Don't worry, there are plenty of policies you can put in place to put their concerns to rest.


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Pre-Employment Screening

Do you thoroughly vet your potential hires? Background checks? Mental health evaluations? Driving records? Drug testing? Here are a few requirements you can implement to make potential applicants more open to team driving.

Background Checks 

A lot of companies have extensive background checks as a mandatory requirement for being hired. Does yours? If not, this is highly suggested so your company can be sure that the candidate can be trusted. 

If this is already a requirement in your company, make it aware to your drivers. Some companies run 10-year background checks on their drivers to ensure they know exactly who they are hiring. However, if you don't remind applicants that their possible team partner has been vetted, they may be discouraged from applying.

Mental Health Evaluations

Truck drivers, especially those who drive long-haul routes, are faced with many mental health-related risks attributed to the transportation industry. Long work hours, fatigue, lack of home time, pressures due to demands and so much more. A study on occupational stressors and the mental health of truckers found that job-related factors such as constant time pressures and social isolation were found to lead drivers to substance abuse and cause them psychological and emotional distress.

Having potential hires pass mental health evaluations will help the applicant, their team driver, and your company as a whole. The mental state of a driver getting behind the wheel is just as important as them passing a background check. Failing to check on the mental state of drivers before operating your vehicles could put your company, truck, and employees at high risk.

Driving Records

With safety in mind, there's nothing more settling to a potential candidate than knowing their team partner has a good driving record.

Requiring that applicants must have clean driving records will assure that they can trust the driving capabilities of their potential partner. For example, making it a requirement that the applicants must have no accidents, misdemeanors, or DUIs within a certain time span. In addition, your company could limit the speed the drivers are allowed to drive in your trucks.

Drug Screenings

 Driving under the influence is a huge concern when trusting a team driver. Having your applicants pass a drug screening before being hired is another simple way to put minds at ease. Additionally, having a no-tolerance policy for illegal or intoxicating substances is another way to prevent harm.
 Implementing Policies 


Wondering how to add these requirements to your job description? Here are some bullet point examples of how it's done.

  • No reckless/aggressive driving
  • Driving 15 MPH + over the speed Limit or 80MPH +  will not be tolerated
  • Drivers must pass a pre-employment drug screen, background check & DOT physical
  • All drivers must pass background checks for both drivers' safety
  • Clean Motor Vehicle Record - No accidents, misdemeanors, or DUIs within the last 5 years
  • No tolerance involving consumption OR possession of illegal or intoxicating substances
  • No involvement in a major preventable accident in the past 3 years
  • No more than 2 Motor Vehicle Record infractions/violations in the past 3 years

Now that we've shown you how to ease potential drivers' concerns with team driving, we hope you implement at least some of these policies into your company's job ads. If you already have some of these in place, be sure to make drivers aware.

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What Is An Earned Wages Access Solution?

By Connor Zazzo on Mar 3, 2021 12:13:51 PM

The last time an unexpected expense popped up in your life, how did you handle it? Did you have enough money saved away for that rainy day, or did you need to resort to credit cards or loans? Unfortunately, the reality for most people in the United States is they need to rely on tools that hurt their financial well-being. The most commonly used tools at their disposal are credit cards, pay-day loans, or borrowing from a retirement fund.

Today, many employees feel lucky to have a job, yet also feel like their finances are not in their control. 78% of Americans today live paycheck to paycheck. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this reality for many, and most employers are not offering solutions that meet the needs of their workforce.

Employees today need a better option than payday loans or credit cards to meet cash flow needs between pay periods. One solution employers can adopt to combat these issues is an Earned Wages Access program (EWA). Financial wellness programs like EWA are the foundations of a framework that have immediate impacts on recruitment and retention.

What Does Earned Wages Access Mean?

Earned Wages Access solutions enable employees to any day a payday. Wage access means that employers can allow their employees to get paid immediately after their shift or haul. EWA tools plug into a business’s payroll or time-tracking system and allow Human Resources departments to set their program rules.

Employees with access to an EWA solution can stay away from financially threatening alternatives, like payday loans. They can stay away because instead of waiting for the regular bi-weekly or weekly paycheck from an employer, they can withdraw their earned wages whenever they want. Tools like this enable employees to stay away from less-sustainable alternatives, like predatory loans with high-interest late fees and deadlines.


Why Should Companies Adopt EWA?

A recent survey by Immediate, an EWA solution partnered with FATj.com, shows that more than 75% of employees say that a wage access solution would help alleviate their financial stress. “In a pandemic, it’s shocking that so many CEOs and HR leaders think their employees are in excellent financial health,” said Matt Pierce, Immediate founder, and CEO. “They have a much bigger problem than they’re aware of when 9 in 10 employees are saying financial stress impacts their job performance. You know that’s going to hit a business’ bottom line, or worse, in the healthcare industry, cause a negative patient outcome. With resources like earned wage access available, which cost a company nothing, there is no reason this should happen, especially when they can make such a significant positive impact on employees’ lives.”

There are significant recruitment and retention benefits to adopting financial wellness tools. Market research shows companies that adopt an earned wage access solutions reduce employee attrition rates by up to 30%. In addition, companies have also reported that 8/10 employees would recommend their employer to their friends. “These unprecedented times are producing vulnerable employees that need help,” said Mason Beard, chief strategy officer at Immediate. “It’s an opportunity for employers—by answering that call, they will create gratitude which strengthens employee loyalty. Loyal employees help optimize business performance.”

So while an EWA solution can improve an employee’s financial well-being, there are positive impacts on a company’s recruitment and retention. This is especially important in the transportation industry, as the driver shortage affects every corner of the market.

Closing Thoughts

Businesses that adopt Earned Wages Access solution are telling the best candidates that they care about their financial wellness. EWA adoption is a necessary strategy to implement if an employer has a goal of standing out from the competition. Financial wellness solutions ultimately become employee recruitment and retention solutions as well. It opens the door to a more sustainable and healthier relationship between employers and employees. After all, giving employees access to their income

Are you curious about how an EWA solution fits into your recruitment process and retention strategy? Reach out to our team at FATj.com, where we can explain how it works for transportation businesses.

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