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Myth or Fact? Drivers Hate Hauling Flatbeds.

By Sabrina Stampe on Jun 1, 2022 4:07:15 PM

It's easy for us to assume what drivers like but do we actually know the truth? We've heard people say that drivers don't want to haul this or that but have we ever taken the time to ask the drivers themselves? Do drivers actually hate hauling flatbeds? We surveyed over 1,700 drivers nationwide and got the real answer.

The Verdict Is In...Myth or Fact?

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MYTH! A shocking 73% of drivers say they will haul whatever they can!
Yup, you read that number right. Everyone has their preference on what they like to haul but the majority of drivers aren't as focused on what they will be hauling if it means a better job offer all around. Some drivers want higher pay, some want more home time and some are willing to drive just about anything. 
"I am willing to pull anything as long as the pay is what I feel I deserve," said one driver.
Another driver went on to mention how they don't particularly care about the freight if it means a higher pay rate. Our internal call center who speaks with drivers directly stated that they saw a big increase in the number of drivers looking for companies with the highest pay despite whatever they may have to haul.
"We speak to drivers every day so we know what they are and aren't looking for in a driving position. The first question I get asked by drivers is what do I have to offer them. In today's driver market it doesn't matter as much to drivers what they're hauling. If the company is willing to pay more than competitors or give the driver more home time, the majority of drivers are open to applying," said GoToro's Manager of Candidate Engagement, Kathryn Slate.
The data speaks for itself.  If 73% of drivers truly don't mind what they're hauling, then why do flatbeds get such a bad rep? Let's face it, we're in a market where the wants and needs of drivers change every day. Today, some want higher pay, and the next they could prefer more home time.
It can be hard for a company to keep up with the constant rollercoaster of changes. Luckily, we have the inside scoop as to what drivers are looking for here at FindaTruckerJob
In the end, drivers just want to hit the road and drive for a company where they feel the most valued. Whether you want them to drive flatbeds, dry vans, reefers, or containers, if you're listening to what they need and delivering your end of the bargain, they'll be happy to drive for your company.
One of our drivers said it best, "If it's got wheels, I can drive it."


Sabrina Stampe

Written by Sabrina Stampe

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