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The trucking industry faces an ongoing need for talent as global distribution networks continue to expand. Often, this presents a hefty challenge for employers. When you're going through the truck driver recruitment process, you have to fill a role and prevent turnover and maintain flexibility for continued scaling as consumer needs increase, so to will the demand for high-quality company drivers. In many ways, it's difficult for recruiters to keep up. That's why so many truck driver recruitment agencies rely on custom technology solutions and programs to attract talent to their job ads.

With the right custom technology solutions, truck driver recruitment agencies can better adapt to industry shifts and find talent without overextending time, energy, or precious business resources. When you have vacancies and roles to fill, there are several ways in which truck driver recruitment agencies apply software, platforms, and solutions to improve the recruitment process. Here are a few of the key benefits and how you can incorporate them into your business.

Custom solutions free up resources for truck driver recruiting agencies.

If you're like most businesses, you probably use a more piecemeal approach to finding qualified drivers. This means that you depend on off-the-shelf software and tools that require smaller upfront commitments to get started. Often, these are software platforms that can track interview times, speed up the hiring process, and enhance candidate communication. The trouble starts when these applications and solutions don't integrate. Then, it turns into a bit of a juggling act.

To post a job ad, a truck driver recruiting specialist may need to check multiple platforms to ensure the hiring pipeline is ready for applications. This also means you need to review several different channels, which can be time-consuming for even the most well-equipped brands.

Without tech integrations, it's also that much harder for you to find actionable data that you can then use to improve the overall truck driver recruiting process. When one platform spots a data pattern and can't communicate that with your other tools, it's harder to know if that data is indicative of a larger trend or if it's a one-off fluke. Though it may not seem consequential to miss out on some of this data, it can improve the commercial truck driver hiring process when you use it correctly. For example, a string of unqualified applicants could tie back to some data you collected from your piecemeal solutions. Still, without spotting these trends easily, you may not have an action plan for attracting qualified truckers instead.

On the other hand, a custom technology solution is built to your specifications and helps all of your necessary recruitment channels correspond. This creates a greater sense of connectivity and allows you to process larger amounts of data more quickly. You can potentially spot hiring trends that inform further decision-making and even find new recruitment platforms to attract CDL drivers or OTR professionals to your brand.

Automated candidate communication greatly enhances the process.

Even with advertiser referrals, professional recruiters can have a difficult time finding the best candidates in the United States for a new job. While this may not be as worrisome for a recognized leader in the trucking industry, it can impact smaller brands and businesses' bottom line. A large part of this hiring difficulty stems from the timeline of the hiring process. While it's important to thoroughly vet candidates to find professional staff members and qualified truck drivers, you also want to do so in the best way possible. This is where automated candidate communication can help.

If your job posting process includes any screenings or qualification tests, automated communication can speed up the process for qualified applicants. A custom technology solution can weed out applicants that aren't a good fit for the role and provide details on the next steps for the other applicants. You can also streamline rejection messages, so you're able to turn down a candidate that isn't the best fit promptly to continue their job search. This also benefits successful applicants by working to improve the retention rate.

Since the trucking industry is infamous for quick turnovers, even for drivers with years of experience, the best way to boost retention is to start with the job posting process. If your hiring process is a hassle or you take forever to get back to candidates, those applicants are going to assume it's a sign of how you run your trucking company or an associated brand. The more professional truck drivers may even turn down offers of employment due to a bad hiring process. Automated communication ensures that you maintain a high-quality hiring process while trimming unnecessary downtime for qualified drivers. When you're providing a streamlined hiring and onboarding process, truck operator candidates are much more likely to invest in long-term employment. It shows that your brand is well-managed and organized.

Custom tech solutions give you greater control.

Any truck driver recruiting agency knows that there are many variables present in the hiring process. If you want the best truck drivers, whether it's for private fleets or OTR truck jobs, you need to control even the more complicated variables in the hiring process. While piecemeal solutions can address every component of your hiring process, they can't interface and are less likely to bring you a reliable driver. On top of that, stacking software memberships is costly.

With custom technology solutions, a truck driver recruiting company can better attract the best truck drivers for any given job. You have a greater level of control and can vet professional truck drivers more efficiently. Since the transportation industry is predicated upon efficiency and productivity, this is an absolute must for long-term brand potential and success. If you're ready to rethink your hiring process or modernize your truck driver recruiting approach, it's time to think about custom solutions. While there's certainly an upfront expense, you can often expect a return on that investment. It's a healthy decision for your brand and your employees as well.

Connor Zazzo

Written by Connor Zazzo

Connor is the Marketing Manager for FATj.com, focused on providing valuable insights to help drive forward the hiring efforts of recruitment teams across the country. Interested in reaching out to Connor to learn more about FATj.com? Connect with him on LinkedIn!