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When you're looking for the right CDL driver for your company, it's often difficult to know where to start. After all, a driver handles much more than delivery jobs. Your drivers are also a major factor in your branding and customer service. Each delivery, customer interaction, and point of contact needs to adhere to your brand's standards. The right company driver needs to pass a pre-employment test such as a road test or even a drug test. Your drivers also need to meet certain employment conditions that can impact eligibility.

That's why so many brands rely on direct recruitment services. This can drive more potential drivers to your job ads and ensure online application numbers stay high. There are also benefits to direct recruitment for motor carriers. This can reduce the number of job ads you need to post, consolidate your hiring efforts, and attract quality talent to each online application. To learn more about how direct recruitment services benefit motor carriers and other brands, here's what you need to know.

Direct recruitment services help you consolidate resources.

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Often, the hiring process requires a fair amount of time, energy, and resources. Even big-box retail brands like Walmart have to be selective during hiring. Walmart often includes pre-employment test options for potential delivery drivers, which takes up these resources when they might need to be allocated elsewhere. This is commonly a point of tension for smaller brands. Whereas companies like Walmart have excess resources to bandy about, independent companies and smaller chains depend on direct recruitment to consolidate their hiring resources.

Instead of depending on multiple job boards, job ads, and posting sites, direct recruitment can manage these on your behalf. When you hand over components of the hiring process, it's that much easier for your to focus your in-house resources elsewhere. Many recruitment services also have access to job boards that you might not consider. This allows you to tap into other talent pools and attract employees that might be browsing on specialty sites instead of general-purpose job boards. Instead of your time spent reviewing the privacy policy pages of a spread of job boards, you can dedicate your resources to a smoother onboarding process or other operational needs.

This means that when the direct recruitment services attract potential talent, you're able to streamline the hiring process, develop a more robust onboarding program, and help new hires integrate with your brand identity more capably. Even though you'll still be dependent upon an external service, a singular point of contact is much easier to manage than a wider spread of job board listings and postings.


Direct recruitment services help you empower your brand.

Many companies looking for qualified drivers tend to neglect how they present themselves during the hiring process. While you're looking to fill a role, you also need to remember that recruitment and hiring are a chance for you to get to know prospective candidates and leave a lasting impression. Instead of disparate job posts scattered across a handful of sites, direct recruitment can help you make more of an impactful statement. This frequently includes branded application pages, branded recruitment, and even branded job advertising. Even if a job seeker doesn't pursue your listing, they will begin to associate your brand name with the industry. This can lead to potential referrals and greater application traffic.

On top of this, many direct recruitment services incorporate branded email communications. That means that every piece of correspondence between you and a candidate has the potential to generate more brand awareness and increase your market value. Naturally, this has some competitive advantages when it comes to business performance. By using direct recruitment services, you're more likely to be able to establish greater control of your market share through smarter branding efforts.

Direct recruitment builds an ongoing talent pool.

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The right recruitment services don't simply fill roles and call it a day. While, ultimately, you're looking to fill a driver position or enhance your delivery supply chain, you still want your recruitment services to provide added benefits. Luckily, many of them include options for candidates to register their interest in your brand. By filling out a simple form, a prospective driver can list their areas of interest and provide their email address. Then, if your recruitment services handle a listing that matches their parameters, it can notify them of an opening.

This helps you get closer to the talent you hire and build a talent pool in case of any rapid expansion, emergency hires, or cases of turnover and churn. With this, you have an ongoing cycle that helps you avoid lengthy position vacancies that negatively impact your bottom line. The right direct recruitment tools, services, and software platforms make it much easier to develop a stronger pool of talent that you can place on standby for any pressing issues or needs.

Of course, not every job seeker in your talent pool is indefinitely available. With a larger pool, you also have backups if prospective drivers turn down employment offers, accept other roles, or are no longer available. This helps ensure that you never back your brand into a corner and find yourself making difficult hiring choices that could negatively affect you and your brand.

Keep the right direct recruitment services on your side.

Many employers dread the hiring process, especially when it involves an industry with heavy turnovers such as the trucking and driving markets. Brands like FATj make it easier to find qualified candidates for your available driver and trucker roles. With the enhancement of some savvy direct recruitment services and tools, you're more empowered to build lasting relationships with prospective employees and new hires. It's a smart choice for entrepreneurs looking to cut down on lengthier hiring processes, improve employment standards, and consolidate resources effectively.

When you're using direct recruitment services for drivers, you're setting your brand up for a greater level of success.

Connor Zazzo

Written by Connor Zazzo

Connor is the Marketing Manager for FATj.com, focused on providing valuable insights to help drive forward the hiring efforts of recruitment teams across the country. Interested in reaching out to Connor to learn more about FATj.com? Connect with him on LinkedIn!