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The Battle of Peak Season

By Sabrina Stampe on Sep 29, 2022 3:58:57 PM

"Peak season," a term thrown around in our industry every year from Thanksgiving through the end of December. A term that usually sends stress levels through the roof for FedEx contractors, Amazon delivery service providers and anyone in consumer shipping.

The reason behind the rapid rise in demand during this time of year is the increase in consumers ordering things online to be delivered for the holidays. This can send any owner into panic mode if they don't have enough drivers to fulfill the demand. During peak season, the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas cause more things to be ordered which require more delivery drivers such as FedEx or Amazon to be on the road.

So how can your company come out of peak season on top? It's all about how you prepare for the battle ahead.


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Preparing for the Season

Now, a standard contractor might have enough drivers for their day-to-day operations, but "peak" is an entirely different ballgame. Here at FindaTruckerJob, we are experts in helping owners ensure they have enough drivers to be prepared for the season. Just because peak season usually begins around the holidays does not mean you should wait until then to see if your operations are equipped. Drivers are a hot commodity and most will already be employed by the time the holidays arrive.

So when is the perfect time to start hiring for peak season? NOW. We recommend owners bring on additional drivers from now until at least early November. Besides the possibility of drivers already being hired, there is also the matter of application and approval time.

For example, the First Advantage process could cause some delays in getting your drivers on the road. Why risk missing the opportunity to be fully prepared for peak season due to unforeseen delays? Giving your operations enough time to not only find the candidate but to process and get them onboarded will help to make sure you won't be drowning during the busy season. It typically takes two to three weeks from the time a driver applies to the time they are approved.


Standing Out to Drivers

It's great to begin looking for drivers in advance but if you're not reaching the right ones to hire, your efforts could be wasted. At FindaTruckerJob, we handcraft our clients' ads to ensure they have the right keywords and strategy behind them to be at the top of their ideal candidate's newsfeed. This helps avoid missing out on a candidate due to not coming up in their search. 

It's also important to keep an eye out on what other owners are offering for pay and benefits in similar areas for the same positions. When a driver is searching for a job in a certain area, chances are they might see a few similar positions in their search. What makes your company stand out from theirs? Do they offer more incentives? Higher pay? Are the drivers home every night? In today's market, you're competing against several different types of companies from everyday trucking companies to even food delivery drivers. Being aware of who your competition is in the market for drivers, no matter what they're delivering, is important to know how your drivers can push ahead. 

Additionally, it's important to remember that your job description is what ultimately makes the decision for the candidate. For this reason, it's always better to lead with the perks and benefits of the job. The driver wants you to get to the point and tell them what you're offering. There's no need to sugarcoat things. Any additional incentive you could offer to help your company stand out will go a long way in helping you hire more drivers during peak season.


Retaining the Drivers You Have

Hiring new drivers is important for peak season but what about the drivers you already have? Too often we see owners focus so hard on attracting new drivers that they let those already hired slip through the cracks. The last thing you need during the busiest season is to have a veteran driver leave due to neglect.

Doing check-ins or company-wide surveys to see how your current drivers are feeling in preparation for peak season is important to making sure your company won't have turnover that could have been avoidable. This way, if there are any concerns amongst your drivers you will be able to address them before the demand increases.


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How FindaTruckerJob Can Help

We know how hectic peak season can be. From finding the drivers to trying to vet them out to getting them processed. That is why it's important to not do it all on your own. In addition to sourcing candidates, we offer several additional services to help get your drivers on the road faster.

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to chase candidates down? How about not wasting your time reaching out to unqualified leads? Well, FindatruckerJob has a solution. We offer a program called Lead Accelerator where we will take the time to vet the candidates for you. This allows you to have more time back to focus on the million other things peak season may bring to your business. If you choose to opt in, you will only be speaking to candidates who meet your requirements. 

As mentioned earlier, processing a driver can cause delays in your operation that might set your business back during its busiest season. That is why it is important to look for additional ways to save yourself time. We see every day the struggles processing a driver can bring. First Advantage, for example, is such a long and time-consuming process. So why not let us handle it? That's right. We have partnered with experts in the industry to make onboarding drivers through First Advantage, smooth and painless for your business. Once you have a driver you want to be enrolled, we take the burden of getting them processed off your hands.


Winning the Battle of Peak Season

Overall, battling peak season is all dependent on how you prepare. If you begin sourcing candidates and getting them processed to hire with enough time, you'll be set for the busiest time of the year. We can't control the unforeseen obstacles the season may throw your way, but if you make small adjustments to help plan ahead, it could go a long way to helping you come out of the season on top.


Sabrina Stampe

Written by Sabrina Stampe

Sabrina is the Director of Marketing and Branding for FindaTruckerJob focused on providing valuable insights to help drive forward the hiring efforts of recruitment teams across the country. Interested in reaching out to Sabrina to learn more about FindaTruckerJob or our parent company GoToro? Connect with her on LinkedIn!