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5 min read

Preventing Driver Burnout for the Busiest Time of the Year

Driver burnout isn't something new. Before the pandemic even began, the practice of overworking drivers to the point of...

4 min read

The Battle of Peak Season

"Peak season," a term thrown around in our industry every year from Thanksgiving through the end of December. A term...

7 min read

The Inside Scoop on Recruiting Owner Operators

So, we've taught you the best strategies for recruiting company drivers to your fleet, but what about owner-operators?...

3 min read

Persistence and Timeliness: Improving Candidate Response Rates

So, you’ve optimized your job ad. You’ve perfected the title, the job description and even highlighted key benefits and...

3 min read

Myth or Fact? Drivers Hate Hauling Flatbeds.

It's easy for us to assume what drivers like but do we actually know the truth? We've heard people say that drivers...

2 min read

It’s Not Just a Driver Shortage

While it’s true that drivers are critical to the success and growth of a trucking company, we understand that they are...

3 min read

Driver Retention: Solving for Turnover

The retention of drivers is an issue transportation companies are experiencing around the country. Are you looking for...

3 min read

Company Culture and the Driver Employment Lifecycle

Over the last few years, the job market has been seeing some rapid changes across nearly every industry. With retention...

5 min read

Team Driving: How to Ease Safety Concerns

Our last two blog posts have broken down best practices for job ads and what drivers are looking for in the market....

2 min read

Pay or Home Time: What's More Important?

As we explored in our last blog post, job ad structure can play a big part in successful driver recruitment efforts....