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2 min read

It’s Not Just a Driver Shortage

While it’s true that drivers are critical to the success and growth of a trucking company, we understand that they are...

3 min read

Driver Retention: Solving for Turnover

The retention of drivers is an issue transportation companies are experiencing around the country. Are you looking for...

3 min read

Company Culture and the Driver Employment Lifecycle

Over the last few years, the job market has been seeing some rapid changes across nearly every industry. With retention...

5 min read

Team Driving: How to Ease Safety Concerns

Our last two blog posts have broken down best practices for job ads and what drivers are looking for in the market....

2 min read

Pay or Home Time: What's More Important?

As we explored in our last blog post, job ad structure can play a big part in successful driver recruitment efforts....

3 min read

Job Ads: What are Drivers Looking for?

Drivers have changed what they look for when applying for jobs over the past two years. Have your job advertisements...

3 min read

New ELDT Requirements: What Will Really Change?

After false starts, negotiations, and years of delays, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s entry-level...

4 min read

3 Shortcomings in Transportation and How to Overcome Them

The transportation industry covers a wide variety of occupations, including tractor-trailer truck drivers, hazardous...

5 min read

Why Drivers with Endorsements are Valuable and Cost More

In many industries, an employee can be hired and retained based on how well they deliver their services. This is no...

4 min read

What To Do About the National Driver Shortage

The national driver shortage is transforming the way that the trucking industry operates. With the coronavirus pandemic...