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How To Avoid CDL Driver Ghosting

By Connor Zazzo on Mar 6, 2020 3:53:41 PM


Few things will get under a recruiter's skin like having the perfect applicant come through on paper only to have them ignore your calls and emails. When a qualified candidate applies to your driver job but you never hear back, you're left thinking: “Why did they apply to the job in the first place? Why did they waste my time?”

To decrease the number of CDL applicants that ghost your team, think about what you can do to connect with the right candidates before your competitors do. Here are a few suggestions for how to do it:

Speed Your Response Time

One technique that lowers the likelihood of an applicant ghosting you is to respond to their submission as quickly as possible. Once an applicant has taken the time to fill out your application, don't make them wait too long to hear back. The further along they get in the process, the shorter your response time should be.

Are you able to set up automatic emails after application submission, phone call, interview, offer, and on-boarding to inform the applicant of where they stand? This type of strategy can keep valuable applicants informed and engaged, reducing the risk of ghosting and saving you time down the line.

Make Your System More Efficient

Finding a way to adequately recruit and evaluate driver candidates amid a talent shortage takes certain skills. There are numerous places that CDL drivers can go to apply for jobs, and many of these are confusing, long, and involve a lot of waiting. Having a process in place for evaluating candidates can give you a leg up in a competitive environment.


Consider your current process. You want to know where you need to be proactive and potentially develop new driver-focused procedures. Try to add personal touches that will separate you from other companies—anything that tries to create a sense of the community you've created for your drivers. Finally, think about implementing group hiring sessions. These can relieve some of the tension recruiters feel when CDL driver candidates ghost them. Even if half of the drivers you invited do not show, your team is left with a solid cohort to meet with and start vetting in a group setting, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Identify Active vs. Passive Applicants

Another helpful tactic for reducing the number of applicants that ghost your recruiting team is to understand what type of applicant you're evaluating. Active applicants are:

  • Looking for a new role
  • Could currently be employed or not
  • Ready for a change
  • Found on a variety of platforms including job boards, job fairs, or social media

In contrast, passive applicants are:

  • Not actively seeking new opportunities
  • Currently employed
  • Less likely to be interviewing with other jobs
  • Good for recruiters who want to expand their pool

Knowing where your candidate is at can help you employ the right strategy for retention.

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Consider Your Lead Source

Where your trucker applicants come from can determine how likely they are to respond. While a bulk job board is a budget and time-friendly option with good exposure to your openings, it can produce less-serious leads. High-quality leads tend to come from direct lead sources. These platforms use advertising networks and popular industry job boards to promote your openings to skilled talent. Candidates apply directly to your company rather than seeing competitor openings as well. To reduce candidates that ghost you, consider getting your candidates from a direct lead source for reliability and high value.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering how you might improve your recruitment process for drivers, FATj may be able to help. Check out our best practices guide for all the tips and tricks to boost your driver recruitment efforts.

Connor Zazzo

Written by Connor Zazzo

Connor is the Marketing Manager for FATj.com, focused on providing valuable insights to help drive forward the hiring efforts of recruitment teams across the country. Interested in reaching out to Connor to learn more about FATj.com? Connect with him on LinkedIn!