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4 Ways Drivers Are the Face of Your Brand

By Connor Zazzo on Mar 9, 2021 11:45:42 AM

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truck drivers are the face of your brand

Many brands rely on quality truck drivers to deliver their products and services throughout the United States. Whenever a driver drops off a package or interacts with a customer, it's a professional touchpoint that can influence your brand in more ways than you'd probably guess.

Whether you're working with a local driver or having your own network of CDL drivers, it's important. That's why it's important to understand how a driver represents your brand and what you can do to improve those interactions. Here are four of the ways a truck driver is one of the faces of your brand.

1. Company drivers spend more time with customers than salespeople.

Sometimes, a customer can go through your entire sales funnel without ever actually meeting a salesperson face-to-face. On the other hand, a local truck driver greets customers, presents paperwork, and often helps with troubleshooting and problem-solving. That's why you need a company driver who's a good fit for your brand. After all, this could be the first in-person impression you're able to make upon a customer. As such, professional truck drivers who maintain a professional appearance and handle customer requests with ease are more likely to secure repeat business for your brand.

When you're posting listings for truck driver jobs within your brand, you must prioritize these skills alongside CDL qualifications. That way, you're able to find jobseekers who can truly act as representatives of your brand. Of course, offering great pay also tends to attract key talent to CDL jobs, so it doesn't hurt to mention that in your job ads. Make sure that your job ads maintain relevance to the position, and mention possible bonuses. It also doesn't hurt if you link to your brand's privacy policy.

2. Drivers develop brand awareness.

truck drivers are the face of your brand

If you're relying on in-house owner-operators, every delivery is a chance to get your brand's name in front of new customers. While some truck driver jobs for the major distribution networks don't offer this, many smaller owner-operator jobs rely on company flatbed trucks and vans. These are typically adorned with logos and business information. Each time a driver is out making a delivery, they're essentially handling aspects of your marketing for you. This helps you generate leads and query results. Depending on the search terms a customer uses, a driver makes it much easier to find your brand.

Local networks often excel in this area. Truck driver jobs that operate within a confined delivery area have a chance to develop familiarity with prospective customers. After all, if you saw the same company truck or van driving by several times a week, you'd start to get a bit more curious about the brand behind it, right? Though, even OTR positions have the potential to connect to prospects in an effective way.

Since so much of today's business landscape depends on brand awareness and loyalty, each customer touchpoint must be intentional. It takes quite a bit of effort to grow brand awareness and little time to destroy it. That's why your drivers are so important for your overall business health.

3. Your company drivers can increase sales.

Happy drivers with a good amount of weekly home time have a way of driving sales that you might not have previously expected. Those small points of contact with your customers, especially during the delivery, can positively impact your sales down the road. After all, a strong impression has a way of traveling back to your consumer base's purchasing or decision-making groups. When a customer starts to associate these interactions with your brand, it goes a long way toward developing brand loyalty.

This means it's important to attract top talent to your open truck driver jobs. Just as a positive impression can increase sales, a negative one can harm your reputation and even dissolve certain business relationships. Many truck drivers are facing a combination of employer bids. So, how do you get yours to stand out amongst the other job alerts? Well, it doesn't hurt to sweeten your perks a bit. Competitive pay, higher-than-average weekly home time, and schedule flexibility can make a big difference between a driver selecting a job and turning it down. The extra money you invest in your employees often comes back to you when your satisfied employees encourage increased sales.

4. Drivers often handle troubleshooting and order errors.

drivers manage expectations

As the point of contact for any delivery, your truck drivers are most likely to be the first people to address any order or delivery errors. If your CDL driver passes a package to a customer who spots an item missing, the driver can take steps to mitigate the error, address the customer's needs, and remedy the situation. This takes the strain off your customer service team, but it's also a delicate situation. Depending on how a driver responds to a customer complaint or issue, it can enhance a relationship or damage it.

This is part of why you need to invest in properly trained drivers and hire the right talent. Someone who is properly trained is much more likely to lessen the impact of damaged goods, missing items, or incorrect order totals. If you're using electronic delivery systems, a driver can even put in for a replacement while interacting with the customer, so there aren't any service gaps.

Your company drivers help you succeed.

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the true value of a quality truck driver. Many of the brands that succeed and excel have realized that their drivers are truly brand ambassadors. By tailoring your driver training to help improve brand growth potential, you're focusing on your business's health. Whether you handle B2B or B2C operations, the right company drivers can make a major difference.

As one of your brand's many faces, your drivers are truly critical for your daily operations. When you attract top talent, it can give your business the added push it needs to continue growing and expanding. Rethink how you structure your distribution network to make the biggest possible impact for your brand.

Connor Zazzo

Written by Connor Zazzo

Connor is the Marketing Manager for FATj.com, focused on providing valuable insights to help drive forward the hiring efforts of recruitment teams across the country. Interested in reaching out to Connor to learn more about FATj.com? Connect with him on LinkedIn!