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6 min read

Webinar Q&A: What Really Matters to Drivers in 2020?

On June 25, FATj's Director of Client Engagement, Amanda Fasano, was joined by Tenstreet's Client Success Concierge, Ed...

3 min read

Webinar Q&A: How to Attract and Retain Drivers While Being COVID-Conscious

On May 19, our Director of Client Engagement at, Amanda Fasano, was joined by our friends Mitzi Hartman and...

6 min read

3 Ways to Attract and Retain Drivers While Being COVID-Conscious

According to a recent survey conducted by our team, 54.2% of recruiting professionals in the transportation industry...

3 min read

The Motorcoach Community Needs Our Support

With over 100,000 employees and 36,000 buses across America, the motorcoach industry has been hit especially hard by...

3 min read

How To Avoid CDL Driver Ghosting

Few things will get under a recruiter's skin like having the perfect applicant come through on paper only to have them...

3 min read

Evaluating Applicants Amid a Truck Driver Shortage

Across the Internet and by phone, there are plenty of places for truck drivers to apply for jobs. Attracting and...

4 min read

Trouble Recruiting Young Drivers? You're Not Alone

The U.S. truck driver population is aging, and this is perhaps the biggest threat that the sector is facing today. With...

3 min read

Direct Lead Source vs. Bulk Job Boards: What's Your Lead Source?

When it comes to finding new CDL drivers to hire, recruiters’ first stop is often a bulk job board. Recruiters can use...

3 min read

Top 3 Reasons You Can't Find New Drivers

Finding qualified and licensed drivers is a growing challenge for employers. The trucking industry will need an...

4 min read

Try Social Media Recruitment To Find Drivers

The world of recruitment is constantly changing. You can still find a trucking job candidate by running an ad in a...